December 4th: Norm Starr*, Southeast Asia

 In Missionary Moments

Today, we want to pray for one of our Southern Baptist missionaries we’ll call Norm Starr.* We won’t use his real name because this man serves in a Muslim area of Southeast Asia.

Back in 2001 Norm gave out food and supplies to families who were refugees fleeing to escape a bad situation in the area. Our church was supporting him in that ministry through our Cooperative Program giving.

In 2013 Norm went back to that same area. One man who remembered Norm’s help was the leader of a local Muslim mosque. The man invited Norm into the mosque. Norm went, of course, and did what Southern Baptist missionaries always do—shared the Gospel.

Today, we pray for Norm and we can be confident the Lord knows exactly who we’re talking about. We are still supporting him through the Cooperative Program.

Let’s pray that God will keep Norm safe as he gets to know people well enough to tell them about Jesus Christ. We know that this is the only way people there or anywhere will have true peace.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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