December 25th: Billy and Vanessa Gorin*, South Asia

 In Missionary Moments

South Asia is one of those parts of the world that really seems like the end of the earth Acts 1:8 talks about. The region includes countries like Pakistan, India and Nepal.

But that is where we have sent two of our missionaries we’ll call Billy and Vanessa* to share the Gospel. They had to work hard to learn the language spoken where they are and to handle the other many parts of living in a land very different from the United States.

Our church is partners in their work, because our Cooperative Program giving helps support them in that dangerous place.

They spend their time working with new believers, discipling them in the Christian faith and also how to share the Gospel and start new churches. It’s a 10-lesson course.

A while back they went to visit two people who had been through the course several months before.

In those several months, the two new believers had started five new churches and had seen 50 people baptized.

Our missionaries cannot do all the work of preaching and teaching. They have to train others like this who will share the Gospel, who will train others to share the Gospel and so on.

Friends, that’s how the Lord intends for it to happen here too!

Let’s pray today that God will continue to bless Billy and Vanessa and the people they are giving their lives to reach, teach and disciple to grow the Kingdom! 

*Name changed to protect identity.

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