December 18th: Mitch and Nellie Englehart, South Asia

 In Missionary Moments

We’re going to pray for two of our missionaries who serve in a country in South Asia that is so dangerous we cannot use their real names, even here.

We’ll call them Mitch and Nellie.*

Mitch and Nellie have served there nine years and all this time they have been training and discipling church leaders to go out and start new churches.

Just in the last five years, they have seen more than 1,200 new churches started and seen thousands of new believers baptized.

Now, did you get that? This one missionary couple has helped plant more than 1,200 new churches! Is God blessing their work or what?

Our church has had a small part in every one of those churches and every one of those baptisms! That’s because our church’s Cooperative Program giving helps Mitch and Nellie serve there in South Asia. Our giving is helping change lives for eternity!

Often in a baptism service there, many new believers will be baptized. Here’s now they do it. A national pastor will baptize the first new believer. Then that new believer, still wet from being baptized himself, will baptize the next new believer. And that new believer will baptize the next one and so on.

That really teaches that every Christian is supposed to help bring more people to Christ, doesn’t it?

Join me today in praying that Mitch and Nellie can continue their wonderful ministry and that the Lord will keep blessing what they do.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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