Cooperative Program

What is the Cooperative program?

The Cooperative Program started in 1925 as Southern Baptists recognized the need for a system that enabled Southern Baptist churches to combine their resources to provide support for missionaries and ministries. Each church decides what portion (percentage) is sent to the State Baptist Convention, who then sends a portion to the Southern Baptist Convention. This supports work in our state, country, and around the world. This system replaced institutions and agencies continually making their financial needs known and requesting extra offerings.

How are CP donations used?

In South Carolina 59% of each CP dollar is used to support missions and ministry in our state, while 41% is sent to the Southern Baptist Convention to be used to support missions and ministries in our country and around the world.

In-state Missions
Out-of-State Missions

We want to help churches communicate the value of stewardship and the cooperative program with their congregations. We have a number of free resources available to churches.

Cooperative Program Resources

Help your church understand the cooperative program and how we can make a bigger impact when we work together.

Stewardship Resources

Help equip your church and leaders to be good stewards of who God has given them.

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