Church Strategies


Our team can help you monitor and strengthen the health of your church and its leadership. 

Church Strategies
For Churches

Where will your church be in 5, 10 or 15 years? Will it be a vibrant congregation with the heart of Christ for others in the community, state, country, and world? Or, will it be in decline, even on the brink of closing its doors?

Markers of A Healthy Church
  • Members Added
  • Baptisms
  • Making Disciples
  • Churches Started
  • New Mission Opportunities
  • Community Mission Outposts

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For Leaders

Are you creating leaders to fulfill the purpose of the church? Do you have an intentional plan for enlisting, equipping, and empowering leaders in your church? Are you leading your church to advance God’s kingdom to it’s full potential?

Would you benefit from one-on-one coaching and specialized training tailored to lead you to become a more effective spiritual leader? NextStep is a strategic process for multiplying spiritual leaders who lead strong churches to advance God’s kingdom.

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Hope for Churches

Chances are, fewer people will pass through the doors of the church than last year. Many churches are declining and closing when their communities still need the hope of the gospel.
There is hope for at-risk churches in South Carolina through
Revitalization, ReStarting, and ReInvesting. 

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