BCMissionary Update 3: Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

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“Throughout our journey we have done so much with our kids,” one of our students writes.

From day camp with gym and craft time to devotions on self-doubt, our students have been growing in their relationships with the children and with God.

“I hope these relationships continue to grow and hopefully we can be there for them later down the road,” a BCMissionary student says.

“I have seen kids grow more spiritually in two and a half months than they should have in years. I have become a part of a family that I will always be a part of,” our other student writes.

One of our students even feels that they have been called to do what they have been doing on this trip later in life.

“These kids have voices that are going unheard. I know God wants me to continue my education so that I can work in the line of family social work,” our BCMissionary writes.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our team at Connie Maxwell!

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