BCMissionary Update 2: Lake Tahoe

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Grace Batton

Grace is interning with the communications group at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. She is a senior at USC studying public relations communication with a cognate in Spanish and business. During her free time she enjoys running, practicing photography, spending time with her husband Adam, and playing with her dog Chester.

Our missionaries in Lake Tahoe asks us to pray that the bible stories that children are being taught will sink in and make a difference in their lives.

God has been at work by giving our missionaries courage and confidence to serve Him. It has always been encouraging to the students to see God’s hand in the lives of children there.

“One boy who comes mostly in the summer told us Friday that we were the best thing that happened to him. That he is so grateful for God to let us come and be willing to come,” one of our BCMissionaries wrote.

According to our other missionary student, one little boy has shown great change:

“After a few weeks of being defiant, he began to love the program and his teacher.”

There has been great personal growth for our students as well.

“I’ve always struggled with standing up for myself, and I believe that God is growing me in that way currently. The team is continuing to grow together and learn how to best address conflicts in a Christ like manner,” one student wrote.

Our students have the hope that the seeds they are planting will continue to grow in Christ’s love.

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