BCMissionary Update 2: Italy

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Grace Batton

Grace is interning with the communications group at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. She is a senior at USC studying public relations communication with a cognate in Spanish and business. During her free time she enjoys running, practicing photography, spending time with her husband Adam, and playing with her dog Chester.

ItalyOur three students in Italy ask for your prayers over communication barriers, events, and the ability to have Christ and Gospel-centered conversation with the young people, pray that they are connected with the church there and that members of the church step up and pursue friendships with them, pray that they make a lasting impact on the church, and that they can serve in a way that helps the church body and members beyond just the six weeks they are there.

“Please pray for creativity and opportunities to serve,” one student said.

Some of the rewarding events so far for our students include the opportunity to develop friendships over broken English and broken Italian and through those friendships be honest with each other about struggles, life, and what it means to follow Christ, as well as hearing the campers call them by name.

“Names to me are a sign of familiarity and to hear them say — or attempt to say —our names has been very rewarding. I have also gotten to babysit some of the kids from the camps this past week and get to know their family. It has been really amazing!”

Another one of our students attests to the work of God on the trip. “God has allowed us to show love . . . we are setting the foundation for the future of the organization. God has taught me flexibility, my limits, and how to deal with a variety of personalities. God is good and He reigns,” one student said.

Our BCMissionaries said they areItaly (1) also learning “To be joyful, to be faithful, to be bold, to be in prayer, to be Italian, to be a disciple, and so much more,” about “the peace that comes from trusting God in every minute detail of life . . . [and] the power of prayer,”

As one student said,“It’s beautiful to see how God is transforming our hearts as we learn the precious gift and the certainly important discipline of prayer.”



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