5 Ways The Church Can Stay Relevant

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Grace Batton

Grace is interning with the communications group at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. She is a senior at USC studying public relations communication with a cognate in Spanish and business. During her free time she enjoys running, practicing photography, spending time with her husband Adam, and playing with her dog Chester.

When it comes to reaching millennials, often today’s church falls short. This is likely due to a combination of problems, including that the church is dominated by older generations, the church’s technology savvy is lacking, and that millennials need contemporary forms of engagement to catch their attention. So how can we reach a detached generation? Well, here are some places to start.

Have A [Current] Website

This may seem like a basic idea, but the execution is often lacking. If today’s generation wants to know anything, they almost always turn to the Internet, which is constantly changing and improving. And that means if your website looks old and outdated, it’s no longer trustworthy –­ and often a strain on the eyes, too. Consider either having your website designer come up with a new and engaging template, or even outsourcing a web designer to modernize what you have. When you do this, make sure that your website is compatible with mobile phones. And by all means, if you don’t have a website yet, get one! Several good website platforms are Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Squarespace. Don’t forget to list important information like service times, address, phone numbers, a church directory, and details about upcoming events where it is easily accessible. 


While it may be a nuisance at the dinner table, texting isn’t all bad. It’s actually a great way to keep in contact with people by just sending reminders about upcoming events, worship times, and prayer updates. This provides any easy way to spread the word about what’s happening quickly and easily, as well as remind people shortly before the event happens. If you have a database of phone numbers, using a web app to text blast hundreds of people is the most efficient way to communicate via text. Create an account with EZ Texting to get started. Or if you’d rather use plain ol’ texting, you could divide up the people you want to contact and delegate different people to text each group of people. Let’s face it: life is busy. People need reminders to know what’s going on and that we want them there!


Facebook isn’t just for posting status updates. Creating a Facebook page for your church not only allows people to stay up to date with you, but also helps them engage with each other, ask questions, and find other members to connect with. After you create the page, post relevant content like promo pictures with details about an upcoming event, inspiring biblical quotes, polls, and pictures of events when they are actually happening. The most powerful aspect of using Facebook is the ability it gives people to interact by posting comments, liking, sharing, and tagging each other. Make a Facebook page if you don’t have one and make sure to post content that allow interaction, and follow up to any questions or comments quickly.


Did you know Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for millennials? This makes it the perfect medium for reaching their generation. With a 140 character cap, each post can get the idea across without overwhelming the reader. Tweet quotes from sermons, other pastors, or the bible, ask people to check out an upcoming event through a provided a link, or even ask questions for followers to respond to. The more you’re a part of modern media, the more relevant you will be to the next generation. Create a Twitter page for your church today.

Do Things Millennials Are Interested In

If someone in their 20’s is invited to choir practice, do you think they would be likely to come? Probably not. Now, say you’re doing a summer pool party and grilling out. Different story, right? It’s all about the details. When planning events for your church to do, make sure they’re something that will be interesting to all church generations. The more you can incorporate multiple interests, the better — this will help your church feel closer as a family, while also welcoming in new visitors. ­­­­

As more and more millennials question the viability of being a part of a church, it becomes even more important to reach out to them in ways that are already a part of their lives. Help younger generations by engaging in their world so that they can see how the church is relevant to them — and everyone.

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