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Youth MusicArts Camp/SummerSalt

June 27-July 1, 2016
For Students completing Grades 6-12 in 2015-2016


Once again the Youth Ministry Group & Worship & Music Office will combine Youth MusicArts Camp with SummerSalt to give you and your group a comprehensive and challenging arts and discipleship experience.  It is an opportunity for students to enjoy classes during the week in music and creative arts while getting to be involved in the best morning bible studies and evening dramas & worship that SummerSalt provides. Our YMAC classes and rehearsals will run from late morning to mid afternoon.  Early mornings and night times will be spent as a part of the most exciting Student Camp in SC…SummerSalt. 

Only ONE YMAC week this year!

This week is full. To be added to the waiting list, please contact Mellette Teague at 803-227-6056


Thomas H. Westmoreland Summer Music Camp Scholarship

A limited number of $50.00 scholarships will be available for Youth MusicArts Track/SummerSalt, KidSalt-Music Track (includes KidChoir & a music class) , and Children's Music Mini-Camp. Scholarships are determined by financial need and are applied directly to the cost of the camp. Application deadline will be April 30, 2015. More information is available at



General Information        Schedule        Classes       Cost/Registration




  • Youth completing grades 6-12 in the 2015-2016 school year and active in the music ministry of their church.
  • Campers are expected to be well behaved, respectful, responsible, cooperative.



  • Competent and mature chaperones MUST be provided for all campers attending.
  • One chaperone for every 1-7 boys or 1-7 girls.
  • ALL Chaperones must be age 21 or above.
  • We cannot register any campers without chaperones being secured and listed on the registration form. Our office is not responsible for securing chaperones.



Worship is an important part of music camp experiences. There will be a worship service each day.


ALL YMAC campers automatically sing in the YMAC Praise Choir and will be expected to attend both YMAC Choir rehearsals daily! Friday Morning YMAC Concert at 10:45 a.m.–This concert combines with the final morning of SummerSalt worship and features the Camp Choir and other YMAC performance classes in the Auditorium at White Oak. Invite parents, friends and others to come.


YMAC Choir Director-Jason TaylorOur YMAC Choir director for 2016 is Jason Taylor from Old Fort Baptist, Summerville. Jason has been at OFBC since October 2013.  He has been married to JoAnn since 1994 and has two awesome kids, Mackenzie and Brigman.  Jason has a B.A. in Music Education from Charleston Southern University and an M.A. in Church Music from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He started  singing and playing the piano in church at age 6 and hasn’t stopped.  He attributes his love for music from his mom and a solid work ethic from his dad.  His favorite book in the Bible is Romans.  Jason’s passions in life are leading worship & his family.  He enjoys NASCAR, UNC Tar Heels, the CSU Buccaneers, reading…...sometimes, and without question believes professional rasslin’ is real.



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2:00 pm



2:30-4:00 pm

YMAC Praise Team Auditions


4:30 pm

SummerSalt Orientation



YMAC Orientation


5:30 pm



7:00 pm

Opening Celebration/Small Groups/Worship


10:00 pm

Group Devotions


11:00 pm

In Rooms




7:45 am



8:45 am

Morning Celebration (Student led)


9:30 am

Personal Devotion Time


9:45 am

Bible Study Groups (Led by SummerSalt Staff,
includes a class for adult chaperones and leaders)


YMAC Track

SummerSalt Track

11:00 am

YMAC Choir

Group Time Continues

12:15 pm



1:15 pm

Class One


2:10 pm

Class Two

(2:45 pm) Water Games

3:00 pm

YMAC Choir


3:45 pm

Free Time

Free Time


6:00 pm


7:00 pm

Evening Worship (Led by SummerSalt)

9:00 pm

Group Devotions (Led by Adult chaperones, information received in morning classes)

10:00 pm

Free time

11:00 pm

In Rooms




7:45 am


8:30 am

Extended Morning Session w/ SS Drama Conclusion/Team Awards/Sermon

9:30 am

Personal Devotion Time

9:45 am

SS Bible Studies/YMAC Final Rehearsal

10:45 am

SS Final Celebration & YMAC Camp Concert

12:15 pm

Burgers for the Road


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CLASSES offered in 2016

Class #1 Offerings
- Tuesday-Thursday, 1:15 to 2:05 pm -
(Choose First, Second, and Third Choices)

1A. Live to Worship – A class that will study the book “Live to Worship” from Lifeway for all three days then continue to meet by weekly online video conferencing after the students go home.
1B. Drama Basics – Develop the foundational skills to free your inner actor – stage movement, facial expression, vocal projection and lots more (Limit: 16 students in class).
1C. Creative Movement – The use of body movement to interpret one of our YMAC choir songs and present it for all of SummerSalt in our Friday finale concert. This class is for both guys and girls.
1D. Voice Class – Guys and girls will learn the basic fundamentals of singing: breathing, phonation, resonance, articulation, expression. You will also learn proper vocal hygiene for healthy singing. Come prepared to sing a solo in class.
1E. Beginning Guitar – Learn the basic guitar chords and easy chord progressions. You must bring your own guitar (acoustic guitar preferred over electric).
1F. Praise Team 1 (Auditioned) – Two teams will be formed of guitarists, percussionists, a keyboardist, and vocalists who will lead one worship song during the Friday finale and accompany one YMAC praise choir song. Auditions will be held from 2:30 to 4:00PM on Monday prior to SummerSalt Orientation.
1G. The Crossover Instrumentist – Teach band and orchestra players how to improvise and play in a praise band setting. Possibly form duets and trios to perform around the dining hall, Hub café, and bonfire pit on Thursday evening.
1H. Audio Tech Time – An introduction to running a sound board and understanding all those knobs and what they do.


Class #2 Offerings
Tuesday-Thursdays, 2:10 to 3:00 pm
(Choose First, Second, and Third Choices)


2A. Selfie Heaven – Explore resources and basic knowledge to snap stunning photos of God’s awesome creation. Bring a digital camera or your phone camera.
2B. Beginning Conducting for Budding Directors – Learn how to direct a group or choir.
2C. Drama Flash Mob – Drama class with a new twist: prepare quick hitting Bible story portrayals that can be performed flash-mob-style around the dining hall, Hub café, and bonfire pit on Thursday evening or Friday
breakfast and lunch.
2D. Worship Leading Guitarist – Learn accompaniment patterns and worship song styles. You must have played guitar for at least 1 year before taking this class. You must bring a guitar (acoustic preferred over
2E. Acappella Ensemble –A special a cappella singing group to learn one or two “show choir” songs then perform them on Thursday night around the dining hall, Hub café, and bonfire pit that evening.
2F. Praise Team 2 (Auditioned) – Two teams will be formed of guitarists, percussionists, a keyboardist and vocalists who will lead one worship song during the Friday finale and accompany one YMAC praise choir song.
Auditions will be held from 2:30-4:00PM on Monday prior to SummerSalt Orientation.
2G. Organized Chaos – A percussion ensemble using all kinds of instruments and non-instruments to create a vibe that will resonate through the camp (and through your heart and soul) to be presented at the SummerSalt
Friday Finale.
2G. Video/Lighting Tech Time – An introduction to running a lighting board and using worship presentation software. Put to work your high-tech mind to serve God’s Kingdom.

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 Registration is now open for 2016!
Register early for SummerSalt 2016!  Camps filled up before LONG the April deadline!

By April 1, 2016:
Camper/Chaperone- $235 Deposit - $50

After April 1, 2015:
Camper/Chaperone- $245 Deposit - $75

A camp shirt is provided for ALL YMAC campers, for the concert on Friday to wear with jeans.

To Register for YMAC/SummerSalt:

For More information and registration, go to SummerSalt information at Click on the week to register, or call Mellette Teague at 803.227-6056.

Refund policy: A full refund will be given if a registration is cancelled at least 45 days prior to a conference. One half of the deposit will be refunded for cancellation 44-20 days prior to a conference. There will be no refund if notice of cancellation is received 19 days or less prior to a conference. Unused deposits cannot be applied to remaining balance. This policy is necessary to provide for maximum use of the limited space at WOCC. The balance per person is due upon arrival.



1. Print off Youth MusicArts Track Classes & Registration form. Complete one form for each student.  Students select their class choices from these options.
2. Send completed forms to Worship & Music Office:
    - by mail: Worship & Music Office, 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia SC 29210
    - by email:
    - by fax: 803.799.1044

Registration forms with classes need to be returned two weeks prior to camp to confirm which specific ones are offered each week.


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For more information, please contact Janet Altman by email: or by phone: 803-227-6168 or (in SC) 800.723.7242 or visit our main webpage:


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