In this article you will find ideas for promoting the World Hunger Relief Offering in your church.  

Promotion Ideas:

Make World Hunger Relief Offering envelopes available in your Sunday bulletins, the box of envelopes that members receive or in the pew racks/envelope pockets in your church. You may order offering envelopes at no cost from the Missions Mobilization Group by calling Leisa Butler at 803-227-6180 or e-mailing

Make World Hunger Relief Offering banks available. For less than a dollar per bank ($74.49 for 50), your church, school, or community group can fight world hunger together by collecting money in the official World Hunger Bread Bank. The banks are in the shape of a loaf of bread and the top of the bank pulls off easily, making this a highly reusable product year after year. You may order these from Woman's Missionary Union at

Provide bulletin inserts on World Hunger Offering Sunday and the Sunday before. You can create your own or order them from the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (

Invite a director of a food ministry to speak at your church to tell about their ministry and the impact of the World Hunger Relief Offering. Contact Leisa Butler in the Missions Mobilization Group for a list of speakers.

A coloring book for children is available through the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission. Visit to order.

Download a "soup can" label from to put on an empty can to create a bank for each family in your church.

Have your students participate in a B.E.A.T. Hunger Retreat. The kit is $10.00 and is available from

Encourage church members who can to fast 1 day a week and give the money saved to the World Hunger Relief Offering. Use the time that would be spent eating to pray for those in need around the world.

Volunteer at a local food ministry - food bank, soup kitchen, etc.

Preach a message about caring for those around us in need. Some suggested scriptures are:

  • Deuteronomy 15:11
  • Proverbs 14:21
  • Isaiah 58:10-11
  • Matthew 22:37-40
  • Matthew 25:35-46
  • Luke 10:29-37
  • John 6:1-14
  • James 2:15-17
  • I John 3:17-18