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South Carolina Baptists Launch New Convention Web sites

Reflecting new functionality and new technology in digital communication, the South Carolina Baptist Convention has launched a new generation of its Web sites at and several ministry Web sites.
Judy Ramsey, the convention’s Website strategist, says the new Web site will have four key new features: 

  • Redesigned Home page with new Keyword Search feature
    • New navigation through items at the top of the page as well as a “visor” which displays additional navigation items when you click the quick links tab at the bottom of the page.
    • Enhanced Search methods with three ways to find items on the Web site
      • Search box where you can type in a keyword to search for items within the Web site. Look for the Keyword graphic in SCBC publications. 
      • An additional Search Box is available in the navigation “visor” accessed through the Quick Links tab.
      • Email feature where you can send SCBC staff a message to assist in locating an item on the Web site
    • New dynamic content areas for significant news, events, and resources as well as an alerts marquee for “breaking news” within Southern Baptist and South Carolina Baptist life.
      • New information areas for the latest news, events, and helpful resources to churches.
      • A new dynamic rotator box on the Home Page, which will allow stronger promotion of news and events.
      • New SCBC blog updated frequently by the SCBC Associate Executive Directors
  • Responsive Design for mobile devices.  Responsive technology has been built into the structure of the new Web site to allow a better viewing experience on mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets utilizing the industry standard operating systems.
  • Enhanced video and resources libraries as well as improved directories for staff, services of SCBC, and quick links
  • New Web sites for Church Planting ( and Evangelism (, and updated Web sites for White Oak Conference Center (, Youth Ministry (, Collegiate Ministry (, Office of Public Policy (, and SC WMU ( 
    In addition to the design and functionality of the new Web site, a new publications library is being created.  Publications such as the SCBC Annual and the Book of Reports will continue to be online, but they will also be available through apps for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices.  Apps may be obtained through the app stores for Apple, Google Play, and Amazon. 

The new LiveIT Magazine will be introduced with the January 2014 edition.  This new magazine will replace the current FOCUS magazine and will include several enhanced features.

  • Available for mobile devices through an app with push notification to announce the availability of a new issue
  • Enhanced rich text media with more video and dynamic content
  • On mobile devices, the pages will scroll vertically for articles requiring more than one page and will retain left to right scrolling to move to the next item in the magazine
  • Notification to subscribers that a new edition is being released with a preview of the contents

The new Web sites and the new publications have been created to utilize emerging technologies in our digital world.  In the future, desktop computers may someday be considered antiques as much as typewriters, vhs video, and cassette tapes.  More people are using their smart phones and tablets for all of their communications needs which necessitates the use of responsive technology for a better viewing experience of a Web site and its contents, and SCBC wants to remain on the cutting edge of this emerging technology with our communications resources.


This Web site is made possible by the churches of the South Carolina Baptist Convention and their giving through the Cooperative Program to impact the world.