Caring for Your Pastor's Kids

One way to encourage your pastor (and his wife) is to care for his children. What parent doesn’t appreciate it when other people recognize, value, love, and extend grace to their kids?

Pastors’ children often have expectations placed on them just because of their dad’s vocation. It can be tough being a pastor’s kid (and sometimes it can be tough to parent a pastor’s kid!).  How can you care for your pastor’s children? Read more...

Have you seen the "Games that Teach Bible Skills" feature in the sidebar? Check back often - a new game appears every two weeks or so! 

Administrative Information
Various helps for Childhood Ministers and Sunday School Division Directors

Helps for Teacher Training
Online presentations and other resources that can be used for teacher training in groups or individually.
Information for Teachers

A collection of articles for teachers of boys and girls.

Online Curriculum
Descriptions and links for downloadable curriculum for teaching children.

Information on Faith Development
Articles for teachers and parents related to children's spiritual growth. 

Background Checks for Volunteers and Employees Information on background checks and special pricing for South Carolina Baptist Convention churches.


The Childhood Ministry Group serves churches and associations by working with leaders in the area of preschool and children's ministry, including Sunday School, discipling, VBS, church weekday preschool ministries, and more.