Solar Eclipse Ministry Opportunities

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As eclipse weekend approaches, please consider the opportunities that we have as followers of Christ to minister during this historic event. When you add 1.5 million extra people to an area not designed to accommodate them (the path of the eclipse through South Carolina) everyday tasks can become challenges – opportunities to demonstrate Christ’s love.

  • Pray for the ministry opportunities in the eclipse path across South Carolina, and across the nation, whether it is eclipse-watching events hosted by churches, rest area ministries along highways, or individual believers just joining their neighbors out on the lawn.
  • Ask the Creator of the people watching this eclipse across America to make Himself real to them in an unmistakable way.
  • Be ready to join God where He is at work.
  • Be clear about the good news of the gospel message.
  • Be aware that cell phone communication in South Carolina will be greatly challenged on August 21 due to volume of calls/data usage.
  • Be aware that all hotel space in SC is occupied, all rental vehicles are taken, and all campsites are reserved.
  • Purchase an extra case of bottled water and shelf-stable food items to share at whatever location you’re watching from. Dehydration is a major concern of emergency officials, since many visitors will not be accustomed to August heat in the South.
  • By Thursday, August 17, be sure your vehicle has a full fuel tank and top-it-off when it gets to ¾ full. With over a million extra tourists the fuel supply system will be challenged.

May God be glorified through this special solar event and through the actions of His people.

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