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School Partnerships

It's time to go back to school! Every community in our state has a school that needs a church partner to pray for the school, care for students, teachers and parents, and share Jesus through acts of kindness and compassion. The South Carolina Baptist Convention's vision is for every church to partner with a local school so that every school has a church partner. Through intentional ministry-based partnerships with schools, many people in our state are being reached with the Gospel.

Do the math. It's as simple as counting 1, 2, 3, 4.
  1. Pray for a school.
  2. Meet with the principal to determine needs and offer assistance.
  3. Prepare your church to serve the school's needs.
  4. Do what's needed to serve students and teachers in the school.

Churches are partnering with schools:

  • Bible Education During School Time - A time set aside during the public school day when students with parental permission may leave public school to attend off-campus Bible class at a nearby church or non-school building.

Schools are an important part of our society as they teach our young people and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Your church can have a significant impact on the development of young leaders by partnering with a school.

  • If your church is already serving a local school, please let us know! 
  • To help you establish a Faith/School Partnerships, contact Missions Mobilization at 803.227.6180.  Here is a list of of 36 Ways to Serve Our Schools.
  • Download the School Time Bible Education document.

For more information or to begin a school partnership in your community, contact Tim Rice by calling 803-227-6179 or e-mailing


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