Sacrificially Giving to Someone in Need

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Nancy McConnell, WMU Director at Norris First Baptist Church, shared her story about the One Day Projects Ministry on November 7.

“Several areas in Norris, SC were hit a few weeks ago by a tornado. Several homes were completely destroyed, but by the grace of God, no lives were lost.”

“The Johnson family was among the ones who lost everything. I heard Mr. Johnson’s story describing how he, his daughter, and his grandson huddled in the corner of their home when the tornado hit. The only part of his home that remained standing was that corner of the house and about two feet of the side walls that literally made the corner. They were unchurched. Through efforts of our church to help clear away debris in the community, our pastor and several members met him and invited his family to church. They were at our church the first Sunday after the storm and again the second Sunday after the storm. I had an announcement in our bulletin the first Sunday about the backpacks. The following Sunday, I stood and made my plea for participation to either fill a backpack or give me the money, and I would be happy to buy a backpack and fill it on behalf of the donor. I said it took me about $40 to buy and fill one. After church, someone came and told me Mr. Johnson wanted to talk to me. I found him waiting in the vestibule, and after introductions, he gave me $40 to buy and fill a backpack from his family. It touched my heart that here was an unchurched man who literally just lost everything he had, and God pricked his heart to reach out to someone else in need. Isn’t our God amazing! I thanked him and said I would be happy to do that for his family, and then said after seeing what was left of his home, I knew God’s hand of protection was on him and his family, and God clearly had things remaining for him to do. He agreed and left me standing there rejoicing to the Lord for allowing me to witness what had just happened.”

At the time of this story, the backpacks hadn’t been collected; yet, they had already blessed Ms. McConnell twice.

You can host your own One Day Missions Projects Event – How to Plan a One Day Mission Project.

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