Results from Spring Break Rebuild Project

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Following is a brief summary of the recently-completed collegiate initiative supported by local SC churches, associations, SCBC, and NAMB for work March 4-23:

  • Students & crew chiefs worked on 19 homes which involved general construction and included 5 roof replacements (2 metal & 3 shingle roofs).
  • 8 homes were completed including 3 that were begun by other groups; therefore, the teams started and completed 5 homes.  Eight homeowners celebrated the achievements after waiting as much as 18 months.
  • 13 homes received temporary tarps to protect from on-going roof leaks; unfortunately many roofs are beyond repair and the tarps are a short-term fix at best – heartbreaking for the volunteers trying to assist families.
  • Students & crew chiefs assisted with 6 additional jobs that included the tear out of storm damage, loads and loads of tree debris removal, restoring eroded soil, repairs to a resident’s fence, and other work.

A total of 22 homes were impacted directly during the three week period plus the additional ‘odd’ jobs that provided needed assistance.

The numbers do not fully represent the spiritual and emotional impact that was made over the four county area.  Homeowners, residents, families, neighbors, and the teams themselves were touched in so many ways.  We will continue to hear and see the eternal impact not just in these areas of SC, but all across the country where students and leaders have returned to school and home never to be the same again.

While the formal collegiate initiative has concluded, work continues just as it did before their arrival.  Members of Biltmore Church (Hendersonville, NC) have made their 8th trip and are working on homes as well as conducting a ‘love loud’ ministry to the community.  Church teams, individuals, and partners will continue to serve until this phase of rebuild concludes near the end of May for the greater Johnsonville area.

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