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West Chester Baptist

November 19, 2013
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West Chester Baptist Church implements new ministries because of ICMP

West Chester Baptist Church is a 30 year old traditional church with an average attendance around 75.  Our congregation comprised mostly of senior adults who have been in church for a very long time.  Therefore the idea of something “new” can be a difficult adjustment to make.

The beauty of ICMP is that it is really not something new, but rather calling the church back to what the Lord Jesus has called us to be biblically.  As a pastor in my first pastorate ICMP has impacted me in a positive way.  It has helped me to focus on what is most important, and connected me to experienced and wise men that I can turn to for help.

Through ICMP, we have a clear vision and mission for our church to connect people to Jesus by growing, loving and serving together.  We have written philosophies for worship, discipleship, ministry, fellowship and evangelism to communicate our purpose as a church. 

We are early in the implementation stages, but the following positive changes are occurring in our church as a result of ICMP. 

  • The prayer team established for the ICMP process has met weekly for over a year and has become a prayer ministry which makes contacts and ministers to those that are prayed for.
  • A new ministry has been established out of God moving in the heart of one of our members called “Feed My Sheep”, which provides visits and food for the sick and shut-ins in our community.
  • A group of leaders in our church are meeting and going through discipleship leadership training in a relational small group setting.

As pastor I see the Lord at work in these things but more importantly I see the Lord at work in the lives of individuals who are growing spiritually and looking for opportunities to serve the Lord.  The ICMP process has planted and watered some seeds that God is causing to grow in our fellowship and for that I am thankful and looking forward to how He will use us in His service in the future.

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