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OT History Egg Scramble An egg carton and ping-pong balls help to teach the books of Old Testament History.
West Chester Baptist making positive changes through ICMP Read how this church has developed a clear vision and mission through ICMP Written by Rev. Jeff Gulish, Pastor
ICMP Testimony ICMP from the perspective of an associational missionary Written by David Little, Lakelands Association
Official Statement Regarding Search Committee Appointments and Interim Executive Director-Treasurer Please see this statement from the chairman of our Executive Board Written by Dwight Easler, Chairman, SCBC Executive Board
2013 Convention Annual Access the Annual online or through an app for smartphones and tablets.
Band of Brothers September 15 - 17, 2014
White Oak Conference Center
2014 Fall Listening Sessions Waccamaw Association, September 11, Myrtle Beach
Florence Association, September 23, Florence
Music Ministry/Worship Teams...Impacting Anything? Build a team that begins to impact the world by turning a problem into a team-building process. Written by Mark Powers, Worship & Music Office