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Music Ministry/Worship Teams...Impacting Anything?

August 6, 2014
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Music Ministry/Worship Teams...Impacting Anything?

Build a team that begins to impact the world by turning a problem into a team-building process.

A few years ago I heard Ed Stetzer say: "In too many cases the church is more harmful than helpful. Around the world the church is exploding but in North America it's dying.  We spent the last 30 years making our churches as technically cutting-edge as possible, yet divorce is still rampant, our churches are still not impacting culture, and our people still look just like the world."  Ouch.  Guilty as charged?

Build a team that begins to impact the world by turning a problem into a team-building process:

  • Gather your worship & music leaders and identify a problem that only your team can solve.
  • Define the problem in one sentence with which everyone can agree.
  • Through wide-open debate, arrive at the best set of solutions.  Remember, if you squelch respectful conflict within the team, you will not arrive at the best solution.
  • Develop a simply stated action plan that every team member can agree to support.
  • Lead each Team Member to accept a critical task crucial to achieving the solution.
  • Make sure every member can answer these two question: What are we trying to acomplish? How do I fit in?  When they answer successfully, you will be well on your way to developing a high impact team.

 Mark Powers is director of the Worship & Music Office at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. You can contact Mark at or 803.227.6166.

Written by Mark Powers, Worship & Music Office

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