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Minor Prophet Muffin Mix

January 26, 2015
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 You will need a 24-count mini muffin tin and 24 ping pong balls, 2 sets of 12 (2 different colors helps), and an extra-fine permanent marker.

  1. Write a minor prophet on each ping pong ball in one set. Repeat with the other set.
  2. Place the minor prophet “muffins” in the tin with one set of 12 prophets on each side.
  3. The players will sit in two facing chairs with their knees almost touching. Place the tin on their knees.
  4. On “go,” players will put the minor prophets on their side in order. The first player to correctly put the “mix” in order wins.

Written by Bill Emeott

Keywords: Minor , Prophets , muffin , game , Bible , skills , children


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