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ICMP impacting Calvary Baptist Church, Goose Creek

March 6, 2014
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ICMP Impacting Calvary Baptist, Goose Creek

ICMP has had a profound effect on me personally and on my ministry at Calvary Baptist Church.  ICMP offers many practical ways to help a pastor lead his church to a better level of health. 

A great blessing of the ICMP process was the exposure and training offered in the “Telling the Story” method of teaching the Bible. It has impacted a number of our small groups.  In addition, we have a class each Tuesday night for the training of teachers.  One of our leaders often remarks that it is the most important time of the week for him.  This method of teaching has impacted the way I teach the Bible on Sunday and Wednesday nights, even more so than a doctorate level preaching class I took recently. 

The coaching provided as part of the process was invaluable. The coach assigned to me was instrumental in the church moving toward realizing God’s mission and vision for our particular church and was helpful in holding us accountable in moving forward with the process. Yet, a greater benefit personally was that I found a good friend who is still available to call with any issue I need to discuss and pray about. 

 All of this is enough for me to want to recommend ICMP to a fellow pastor but this has not been the greatest impact of ICMP upon me and the church. The greatest benefit is that it has redefined success for me and my ministry.  I, like many pastors, looked at success in terms of numbers (such as new members and baptisms).  ICMP training was done in such a way that it became ingrained within me that making mature disciples is the true measure of success. This has changed the way I look at ministry and therefore is changing the way the church is doing ministry, as this has become our main objective. We look forward to the true success we will experience down the road as we make mature disciples that bring glory to God.

Rev. John Jenkins, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church
Goose Creek, SC

Written by Rev. John Jenkins, Pastor

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