October 30th: John and Denise Wyble, Central Virginia

 In Missionary Moments

Ever wonder why the word deaf is sometimes capitalized? Are Deaf and deaf the same?

“There is a difference between Deaf and deaf,” says catalytic church planter John Wyble. “The Deaf community sees the deaf as people who have lost some or most of their hearing but still communicate from a hearing perspective.” The Deaf community, however, is a people group with its own language and culture. The culturally Deaf are a mission field and a mission force. Deaf church planters are being empowered as *indigenous planters to reach the culturally Deaf community.

According to the Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf (SBCD), there are a total of 50 Deaf churches tasked with reaching the 3 million culturally Deaf in North America. This is a monumental task and can only be accomplished by calling, training, and empowering Deaf planters. John Wyble, a “leader at large” with the SBCD, is planting two churches in central Virginia.

Let’s pray for men like John Wyble and other Deaf church planters. And let’s pray for new sponsor and host churches that will allow new deaf churches to have meeting locations.

*indigenous planters—those who plant among their own people group or in the area where they were raised

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