October 23rd: Billy and Sarah Fontenot*, East Asia

 In Missionary Moments

Billy and Sarah Fontenot* draw attention in the East Asian city where they live and minister. It’s not hard to draw a second glance when an American family with four children walk by. In their East Asian town, the Fontenots truly stand out. And every day gives them another chance to shine the light of Christ.

The Fontenots have made friends who have never seen a Christian family living according to the Bible’s truths. People noticed the differences—and asked questions. That gave Billy and Sarah opportunities to tell them about Jesus Christ.

Those people are coming to Christ because our church’s Cooperative Program giving helps Billy and Sarah and their children live and serve there in East Asia.

Today, let’s pray that God will bless them as they continue to impact the lives of others.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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