October 16th: Martin Vargas, Florida

 In Missionary Moments

Pastor Martin Vargas believes in this message with his whole heart: “God knows; He changes lives; there is growth in the truth; and we are fulfilling the Great Commission.” And out of a calling from God, he founded Real Church, or Iglesia (say ee-GLAY-zee-ah) Real (say ray-AL). This church in South Florida shares the Gospel in Spanish, English and Portuguese. It also serves as a hub for new church plants.

Martin didn’t know how they would afford the church building, but he knew God would provide. And sure enough, the funding for the building came from many different areas and through unsuspected individuals — because God can use anyone to advance His Kingdom.

And through our church’s support of the Cooperative Program, God uses us to help fund church planters like Martin. Let’s join together today to pray for Martin’s ministry in South Florida and that more churches will be planted.

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