School of Prayer

IMB invites you to be a burning ember in the blast furnace of prayer emanating from their International Learning Center

 Partner Connect Training with the International Mission Board

 Live missions training webinars presented by IMB personnel.

 Kids on Mission:  Volume 3, Edition 3 - Beyond the Barriers 

The people of North Africa and the Middle East face many barriers to the Gospel. In this release, kids on mission will learn to trust Jesus and go beyond the barriers to tell others about Him

 TRADECRAFT: For the Church on Mission

The Western Church world is abuzz with talk of being missional. Yet there is something still to be addressed in the process: the how.  For centuries, God has called missionaries to cross cultures with the Gospel, and along the way, they have developed the necessary skill-sets for a cultural translation of the Good News. Tradecraft for the Church on Mission pulls back the curtain on tools once accessible only to full-time Christian workers moving overseas, and offers them to anyone anywhere who desires to live missionally.

T4T has the potential to fuel a rapid rate of evangelism and discipleship!
Who do we share with? What do we say? What if they say yes? Find out the answers to these questions and more!
Any-3 combines bridging gospel presentation and drawing the net into one seamless approach!
Jesus witnessed to the woman at the well in John 4 in a simple, natural way. This approach worked for Jesus and it can work for you!

Prayerwalk Guide - English

Prayerwalk Guide - Spanish

Pray on-site with insight! This guide has 2 purposes: to provide suggestions to take prayer beyond the walls of your home or church and to assist you in helping others discover prayerwalking.

Safe Travel Solutions

Safe Travel Solutions training curriculum provides the knowledge and awareness that every traveler needs when journeying abroad. Find out more

Mission Trip Insurance

Gallagher Charitable International Insurance Services (formerly Adams and Associates Insurance) provides low-cost insurance for teams going on mission trips in North America and internationally.