June 12th: Daniel Yang, Toronto

 In Missionary Moments

As one of North America’s most culturally diverse cities, Toronto is a natural platform for influence. That’s one of many reasons it’s one of 32 cities designated by the North American Mission Board as “Send City.” But first, there’s the matter of planting more churches there — a mission that Daniel Yang has taken to heart.

As a church planter and missionary, Daniel is all too familiar with the challenges that come with planting a church and reaching the lost. And it is because of these experiences that he’s so appreciative of how Canadian and Southern Baptists do missions through the Cooperative Program.

The Cooperative Program allows Daniel to have a level of stability in terms of raising his family. But it’s much more than that. He also likes the vision of the Cooperative Program because it allows all of us to be take part in something bigger.

Our support of the Cooperative Program helps missionaries just like Daniel reach the lost in North America. Let’s join together in praying for Daniel’s work in North America, and that God will continue to use him to bring light to a dark city.


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