July 3rd: Joshua Murphree, Peru

 In Missionary Moments

Have you ever noticed God often uses something you love as a ministry?

That’s what our missionary Joshua Murphree has learned. Joshua has always loved backpacking and camping. Now he is serving in Peru, way down on the west side of South America.

He is sharing the Gospel with the Northern Conchucos (say cone-SHOE-cuz) Quechua (say CATCH-ah-way), people who often live in high mountains who can only be reached by hiking across long, high miles.

Many of the people cannot read, so Joshua tells them stories from the Bible.

Our Cooperative Program giving helps him live and serve in Peru.

Many of us would find it difficult or impossible to do what Joshua does, but we are thankful that God has equipped him not just to serve there, but to even enjoy it.

Today let’s pray that God will keep him safe as he helps many come to faith in Christ.

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