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September 22

Shandon Baptist Church
5250 Forest Dr, Columbia, SC 29206


8:30 am
Networking, Registration, and Plinko! 


9:30 am
IMPACT Session 1
Understanding Culture


11:15 am
Breakout I


12:15 pm


1:15 pm
Breakout II


2:30 pm
Engaging Culture


4:00 pm


Understanding and Engaging
a Shifting Culture


  • Shane & Shane
    Shane & Shane

    Shane & Shane is a Texas-based, Christian band known for acoustic praise and worship music consisting of Shane Barnard (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Shane Everett (vocals).

    In 2014, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Shane & Shane launched a project called “The Worship Initiative”, a paid membership website with instructional videos and chord charts for popular worship songs. As part of the project, they also released 10 volumes of 10 songs each and a Christmas album. Their subsequent studio albums The Worship Initiative and Psalms II are also included in the project.

  • Ed Stetzer
    Ed Stetzer

    Ed Stetzer is an author, speaker, researcher, pastor, church planter, and Christian missiologist.

    Stetzer is Executive Director of LifeWay Research, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources and LifeWay’s Missiologist in Residence. Before that, Stetzer served as Director of Research and Missiologist-In-Residence for the North American Mission Board. He is a prolific author, and well-known conference and seminar leader. Stetzer has planted, revitalized, and pastored churches, trained pastors and church planters on six continents, holds two master’s degrees and two doctorates, and has written many articles and books.

  • D. A. Horton
    D. A. Horton

    Author, Speaker, Artist, Preacher.

    D.A. Horton currently is preparing to relocate his family to Los Angeles to plant a church. During this season of preparation he will be serving on staff at Summit Church while continuing his speaking and writing ministries. Prior to his current role he served as; the National Coordinator for Urban Student Missions at the North American Mission Board (NAMB), the Executive Director of ReachLife Ministries, the non-profit ministry of Reach Records and as an urban church planter, pastor and Lead Teaching Elder in Kansas City, MO for close to 6 years.

and breakout sessions being led by SC pastors and planters.

Morning Breakouts

Understanding Culture: Acts 16-17

Worship Center

Ed Stetzer – Billy Graham Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism, Wheaton College

In this session, Ed Stetzer will look at trends in culture, analyze them from a missiological perspective, considering how to respond to them from a biblical framework, and encourage pastors and church leaders to be on mission.

Through The Social Media Maze


Allen Jackson – Pastor, Dunwoody Baptist Church & Professor of Youth Ministry, New Orleans Seminary

Navigating the Social Media Maze is a journey of opportunity and frustration.  As a parent, a youth minister and now a pastor, I have seen both the power and the poison of social media. What started as a simple way to communicate with each other (texting), keep up with friends (Facebook) or to share life experiences (Instagram, snapchat) has grown into challenges like sexting, deceit, identity theft, and cyberbullying.  Let’s have a conversation about the positives and negatives and suggest some helpful strategies somewhere between selling out the culture and burying our heads in the sand.

Bridging The Cultural Divide Between Generations


Ken Coley – Director of Ed. D. Studies & Professor of Christian Education, Southeastern Seminary

Five generations worship and serve together in your church, but are they all pulling in the same direction? Unique perspectives in what’s important?, how do things get done?, and can I trust the organization? create special tensions that demand leadership and insight. This seminar will explore these significant cultural differences and make practical suggestions for strengthening the Body of Christ. Attendees will be active participants in the teaching/learning process. Special attention will be given to the concern of knowledge transfer from older generations.

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders


Don Brock – Senior Pastor, Gateway Baptist Church

Have you ever thought, “I don’t understand this generation of ministers that are coming up behind me. I just don’t get them.” If so, then it is time to ask yourself, “What do I need to know to understand them and what do I have to offer to them?” Believe it or not, they do care about what you think. They want to know what you know! They really are teachable and they are craving for a seasoned leader to pour into them.

Leading 7 Churches in One Building


Matt Rogers – Senior Pastor, The Church at Cherrydale

Leading a church would be far easier if all of the people were the same. Sure it would be boring and you would get less done, but at least you could understand the actions and attitudes of this one homogenous group. But churches don’t work that way. They are made up of a vast assortment of different people-each with their own personalities, passions, and preferences.

This breakout will seek to assess the various influences that shape those who make up today’s church and consider how a pastor might lead what can often feel like seven different churches meeting in one building.

Engaging a Perverse Culture Without Giving Up Your Faith


Will Browning – Senior Pastor, Journey Church

Jesus gave us the missionary objective to be in the world but not of the world (John 17). But how far is too far and how little is too little? With sexual perversion rising, our moral compass plummeting, and biblical worldview diminishing, there is a lot to steer clear of in today’s culture. In this breakout, we will tackle how Christian Leaders should engage this culture.

Solving the Mystery of Church Multiplication


Jay Hardwick – Team Leader, Church Planting Team, SC Baptist Convention

Just like certain ingredients are required to bake a cake or a Baptist casserole, certain ingredients are required to develop an evangelistic culture in your church that impacts your community and the world. As leadership guru Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Before you try the next “silver bullet” strategy, learn how to create a culture that goes across the street and around the world.

Intentional Internships


Jeremy Chasteen – College & Mission Pastor, Crosspoint Church

Do you have a “farm system?”  Internships can change your church and any church can activate their 18 to 30 demographic.  Join the conversation as we talk through developing strategies for equipping the next generation of leaders.

Who Are We? – Understanding Sexual Identity in the Culture


Sam Parrish – Campus Director, Living Hope Charleston

From the nightly news to the Twitter feed in our pocket, Christians are being educated on issues of sexual identity whether we are aware of it or not. Our parents, youth, lay leaders and ministry partners are all a part of a world with shifting views on LGBT issues channeled by a powerfully emotional narrative that is difficult to answer. Living Hope has spent the last 28 years with front row access to the lives of men and women struggling with their sexual identity and their families. Grab a seat and join us as we begin a conversation about sexual identity and how things seem to have changed so quickly.

Transitioning the Rural Church


Brad Vassey – Senior Pastor, Hillcrest Baptist Church

Woody Oliver – Senior Pastor, Harmony Baptist Church

Josh McClendon – Senior Pastor, Philippi Baptist Church

Challenging the status quo and living to tell about it. Your church may be more ready than you think.  This break out session will discuss principles and tools to help a pastor transition the rural church by understanding and interpreting local culture; by developing an awareness of personal leadership strengths and weaknesses; and by leveraging the human assets in the church.  Rural church transition is sometimes slow, not very glorious, and perhaps no one will ever know your struggle, but it can be done, and it is worth it in order to see the Kingdom advanced.

City Collaboration: Connecting the Church with the City


Craig Tuck – Senior Pastor, Centerpoint Church

Can churches share ownership for the lostness of a specific geographical area? What does it look like for churches to leverage their strengths together to reach people in a shared geography? If our churches grow and the city does not change should we be okay with this?   This breakout will focus on how the church can collaborate with the city to make it a better place.

Heart 4 Schools


Emory Hiott – Minister to Children, Charleston FBC, Education Specialist, SC Baptist Convention

Yolande’ Anderson – FACE Director, SC Department of Education

Emory & Yolande’ will discuss how to make the biggest impact in your local school.  They will offer tangible ways to create a win-win relationship for both schools and churches through volunteers.  Come to learn or to share ideas on how to be the light of Christ through action!

Worship Reflecting Culture


Mark Powers – Director of Worship & Music, SC Baptist Convention

A roundtable discussion for worship leaders to identify burning issues for culturally-relevant worship.

Understanding Your Ministry Culture


Monty Hale – Director, Ministry Development, SC Baptist Convention

One of the toughest jobs in America is being the pastor of a local church, and it’s only going to get tougher.  In this breakout we will look at the current ministry culture and how you can be better prepared to minister amidst all the changes.

Afternoon Breakouts

Engaging Culture in Urban Contexts

Worship Center

D.A. Horton – Senior Pastor, Reach Fellowship; Chief Evangelist, Urban Youth Workers Institute; National Coordinator of Urban Student Ministries, NAMB

Our nation is in need of seeing a balanced testimony of the Gospel being proclaimed and its implications practiced. In our time together we will examine ways believers can preach the salvific atonement of Christ all the while practicing social action as Christians.

DNA of Discipleship


Allen Jackson – Pastor, Dunwoody Baptist Church & Professor of Youth Ministry, New Orleans Seminary

Discipleship is so much more than a buzz word. It is the essence of what Jesus called us to be and the basic description of a kingdom life. If a follower of Christ is living authentically, it is incredibly attractive to nonbelievers who might be disenchanted with organized religion because they have observed so many Christians behaving badly.  The DNA of Discipleship is a chapter in Dr. Jackson’s book, Disciple. This conference will look at the ingredients of the life of a disciple that is genuine and connected with the joy of walking with Jesus.

Transformational Teach for ALL Generations


Ken Coley – Director of Ed. D. Studies & Professor of Christian Education, Southeastern Seminary

Every leader and teacher believes that there is diversity within his group, but most teachers’ style looks like they actually believe “One Size Fits All”. Don’t issue every group member an XL lesson plan! This seminar, which features frequent participation by attendees, will challenge you to reconsider how you can more effectively disciple each member of your group through differentiated approaches to teaching. Come learn how to vary your environment, content, instructional methods, and evaluation, so you can train your teachers to be transformational teachers when you return home.

8 Factors That Create Healthy Change


Matt Rogers – Senior Pastor, The Church at Cherrydale

Change is painful. We all know that. We shudder at thoughts of the move to a new city, a realignment at the office, or the aging of our children. Yet we also know that change is necessary- It is a sign of life and growth. The local church is no different. If it does not consistently change and adapt it will grow stagnant and it will ultimately die.

Facilitating change is one of the most difficult challenges for pastors and leaders of local churches. In this breakout we will consider the eight common factors that can make change natural, effective, and even exciting for the churches in our state.

Outside the Camp


Josh Powell – Senior Pastor, lake Murray Baptist Church

A biblical, theological, and practical way to shift your church to think about engaging the nations within your community and the world.

Church Multiplication in YOUR Context


Jay Hardwick – Team Leader, Church Planting Team, SC Baptist Convention

The New Testament model for church planting is simple: churches plant churches. While we agree with the truth, we question our ability to carry it out. Do we have the resources? Do we have the people? Do we have the opportunity? The good news is, no matter how large or small your church might be, there is a pathway for you to engage in church planting in South Carolina and beyond. Join us to discover steps and strategies you can put in play immediately to lead your church to multiply.

Connecting with Creatives, Artists, and Mosaic Thinkers


JD Mangrum – Senior Pastor, Origins Church

Rather than simply peddling “Christian art,” seeking to be “relevant,” or even trying to gather a bunch of artists and young people in our churches, the church has been empowered to and must begin to engage culture and meet creative people where they are. In Jesus we have a great example of what it looks like to go out to love, serve, and befriend with Gospel intentionality. But in addition to Jesus’ example, we have to think and minister strategically to connect with creatives, artists, and mosaic thinkers and to see a church make a difference in the local arts community.

Parenting Children in Today’s Ever-Changing Culture


Will Browning – Senior Pastor, Journey Church

Christian parents face a greater challenge raising their kids than any other generation. The tension between preparing our kids to stand on their own in the world and protecting them from the evils of this world is real–and wearing us all out. This breakout will discuss how to face these challenges, while not losing your kids in the process.

Engaging Culture to Make Disciples


Brandon Bowers – Lead Pastor, Awaken Church

Often times the concept of leading our churches to engage the culture can be an overwhelming task. However, when we realize that culture is comprised of people and people long to be in relationship, we begin to see that the concept can quickly become a reality. Through engaging the people in our culture by building relationships, we will create the context through which disciples were intended to be made.

Embracing Other Cultures Around YOU


Stephen Splawn – Pastor of Discipleship, Park Ridge Baptist Church

Looking at Jesus in the Gospel of John, chapter 4, we get a glimpse of an attribute every disciple of Jesus Christ SHOULD have; Openness to others.  Jesus came to a place where He was not like everyone else… oh not just Samaria…but Earth.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, God came to show us what He was like.  Now it is our mission to go, even to places where we are not exactly like those we hope to reach, for Jesus.  Do you think He called you to sideline because someone looks a little different than you? Speaks a little different?  Maybe lives in different conditions?  Are you able to be like Jesus & find the common ground in order to reach all who need to hear?

Open Doors, Open Hearts Loving our LBGT Neighbors with the Truth of God’s Word


Sam Parrish – Campus Director, Living Hope Charleston

God’s grace is the most powerful force in this world. It is offered freely and without distinction to all who would believe in Christ. However, as our Directors at Living Hope speak all over the country, there appears to be a barrier between how the gospel is applied to members of the LGBT community and everyone else. In what seems to be a time of increasing hostility against a biblical sexual ethic, how does the church maintain an open and inviting front door while holding fast to the truth of God’s word? We will answer this question and many more as we look at walking with those in your church and neighborhoods experiences same sex attraction and their families.

Engaging Your Hedges & Highways


Scott Shields – Church Planting Strategist, SC Baptist Convention

Cliff Marshall – Church Planting Strategist, SC Baptist Convention

Josh Bradley – Church Planting Catalyst, SC Baptist Convention

Tommy Richardson – Director of Missions, Waccamaw Association

This breakout offers help for your congregation to engage those around them using and mission outpost. Lead your fellowship toward “Living out Luke ‪14:23.”

Worship Impacting Culture


Mark Powers – Director of Worship & Music, SC Baptist Convention

A follow-up roundtable facilitated by Mark, for worship leaders to discuss practical disciple-making and local music missions to empower cultural impact outside the church.

September 22

Shandon Baptist Church
5250 Forest Dr, Columbia, SC 29206

What People Are Saying

  • In our efforts to be faithful to the great commission, we must have a well-founded understanding of the culture and context to which we are ministering. Impact 2016 seeks to help enable pastors, leaders, and churches to engage their ever-changing communities with the hope of the never-changing gospel.

    David Sons
    David Sons Next Generation Pastor - Lake Murray Baptist Church, Lake Murray, SC
  • Leaders yearn for environments where they are inspired, encouraged, and challenged by other practitioners.  IMPACT will provide you with a unique opportunity to create transformative dialogue with other leaders just like you.

    Will Browning
    Will Browning Lead Pastor - Journey Church, Charleston SC
  • Impact inspires, challenges, and encourages leaders to boldly and creatively live the Great Commission. I hate time wasters, I love Impact.

    Marshall Blalock
    Marshall Blalock Pastor, First Baptist Church Charleston, SC
  • For far too long the Church has incubated itself from the surrounding culture. It's time that we all strategize and determine the best way to actually engage the culture so that we can see the kingdom of God advance within it. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn how to do this with many other leaders in our state at Impact 2016.

    Brandon Bowers
    Brandon Bowers Lead Pastor, Awaken Church Charleston
  • In the midst of an ever-changing culture, we must constantly wrestle with how we equip people to live out and communicate the never-changing gospel. IMPACT is an opportunity to connect with other leaders, learn from practitioners, and leave with a plan to mobilize your church to action.

    Jay Hardwick
    Jay Hardwick Lead Pastor - North Rock Hill Church, Rock Hill SC
  • Culture is not the enemy, it is a Kingdom. The Enemy is a tyrannical kleptomaniac who has stolen our culture and made it a slum.  IMPACT 2016 provides the tools to equip the church to redeem the culture back to God’s Kingdom.

    Charlie Swain
    Charlie Swain Pastor - Church at Cane Bay, Summerville SC
  • If you are like me, your head spins trying to keep up with the culture shifts our country and world is experiencing. Even though I attempt to stay well read on the latest issues, I am still overwhelmed with the ultimate question, "how do I lead my church in response to these changes?" IMPACT will help answer that question, plus many more.

    Don Brock
    Don Brock Senior Pastor - Gateway Baptist Church, Irmo, SC
  • Few people can question the massive cultural changes shaping the landscape of North American in our day. Impact 2016 presents the church with an opportunity to consider how to engage this new world with robust theology wedded with savvy missiology as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in our day.

    Matt Rogers
    Matt Rogers Pastor, The Church at Cherrydale, Greenville

September 22

Shandon Baptist Church
5250 Forest Dr, Columbia, SC 29206