Immersion II 

See below: WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO BEFORE ATTENDING? Requirements of Immersion II

Immersion I is mostly about philosophy – the “why” behind what we do. Immersion II is vastly different.  In Immersion II, your team will work together to design and develop a variety of key areas which will transform your church into a healthy, growing, dynamic, disciple making church. 


  • Intentional Leadership: 
    • critical analysis of your own leadership style and ability
    • personal leadership growth plan
    • leadership development plan for your church leaders
    • creating healthy environments in your church
    • develop leadership model and ministry structure
    • dispute resolution process
    • systems for leadership assessment and growth
  • Alignment: 
    • create/modify doctrinal statement (core beliefs, essentials, non-essentials)
    • create/modify vision statement (establishing the win)
    • create/modify mission statement (how to accomplish the win)
    • develop a common definition for disciple, components of discipleship and definition for relational environment
    • systems for assessing and communicating vision and mission
    • develop a ministry filter to ensure ministries are accomplishing the win
    • assessment of church organization and structure compared to the win
    • alignment strategy for church structure and organization
    • vision and mission alignment – weekend services
    • development of a sermon club (sermon prep team and process)
    • global alignment philosophy, processes and assessment
  • Relational Environments: (Small Groups)
    • define purpose of small groups
    • develop general small group structure and organization
    • determine small group curriculum
    • develop small group branching philosophy
    • develop small group leader standards and expectations
    • develop small group leader recruitment and development
    • develop small group connection process and procedures
    • develop small group growth model and plan
    • systems for accountability, assessment and tracking
    • understanding of biblical story telling
    • development of relational environments for discipleship
    • effective small group facilitation
  • Discipleship Process:
    • develop an intentional discipleship process
    • system for assessing and communicating the discipleship process
  • Implementation:
    • develop healthy plan for change
    • create workgroups to complete tasks and implement change
    • develop timeline and strategy for implementing change

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?As a general rule, 80% of your team is to have completed Immersion I.  You must bring a team of at least 4 people and we limit the maximum number for your team to 12 participants.  Teams generally consist of the following:

  • Senior pastor
  • Key staff members
  • Elders
  • Deacons
  • Key influencers, lay ministers and volunteer leaders


** All groups must have at least a minimum of 4 people and up to a maximum of 12 people, the group must include the pastor of the church..

** At least 80% of your team who will be participating in Immersion ll must have completed Immersion l including the pastor of the church or have completed "Next Steps Small Group Experience."  We do have an Immersion l Small Group curriculum for those on your team who were not able to attend the Immersion l but who will be attending the Immersion ll. Please contact Fan Hopple (  for details.

** Maximum of 9 churches total for each Immersion II.

All non-SCBC churches must pay in advance upon registration.

Immersion II conferences are scheduled at White Oak Conference Center on the following dates:

October 13 - 15, 2014 -- Click here to register   (This event has been cancelled). 

Refund/Cancellation Policy
The last date to receive a full refund of the registration fee is two weeks prior to the event/conference date. We seek to be a good steward of resources entrusted to us for the expansion of God's Kingdom. Financial commitments have been made with food service/resources - which we will be obligated to pay. Thank you for your understanding.
Once a refund is approved, the refund by the SCBC Accounting Office will be issued in one of the following ways:

  • Refund check issued when payment was received as a check or cash
  • Credit issued to Visa/MasterCard when payment was received from Visa/MasterCard

Be advised that any eligible funds will not automatically happen as a result of your cancellation notice. If a refund (partial or full) is applicable, and you have not done so, contact the host office/group sponsoring the event and make a refund request.