Hurricane Harvey Response

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Update: 9-3-17

ALERT – Mud-out units are now on ALERT to respond to Hurricane Harvey areas in Texas. This is an active “call-out” of mud-out units. SC Unit Leaders, please choose dates, assemble teams, and let the state DR Office know when you can go. Mud-Out volunteers, please contact a unit leader to let them know of your availability. This response will go on for months, so teams that cannot go immediately are urged to set dates for future weeks.

Standby – Feeding units will NOT be sent from SC to Texas, as we await further developments with Hurricane Irma. We anticipate a response on the east coast somewhere. Feeding volunteers should be in touch with unit leaders about their availability for next weekend and the following several weeks, to get a jump on being able to deploy immediately if the storm makes US landfall.

Update: 9-1-17

Two South Carolina DR volunteers are in Texas this week to help provide child care in the mega-shelter located at the Dallas Convention Center. Three other child care volunteers are planning to go next week. Evacuees have been relocated to the Dallas shelter from Beaumont and Port Arthur. A child care unit from Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief set up at the shelter on Monday, Aug. 28. Also assisting with the TX unit are child care volunteers from Illinois and Missouri.

Original Post: Texas Baptists have requested that other states prepare to assist in the Hurricane Harvey response. South Carolina feeding units are on ALERT – volunteers should contact their unit leaders about getting on the schedule to deploy. Other SC units are on STANDBY – begin assembling teams NOW for deployment in coming days/weeks.

Texas Baptist Men have deployed two feeding units and six shower/laundry units as of today (Sunday, Aug. 27), with preparations being made to deploy two more shower/laundry units and their command center bus in the next few days. Leaders are determining the locations of reporting sites, and additional units/teams will begin reporting over the next few days.

The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) Disaster Relief is also preparing to respond, determining response sites and activating their volunteers.

Because the storm is still on-going, recovery units cannot yet begin work in most areas. This will be a slowly-developing response, but it is notable that the geographical area affected by Hurricane Harvey is larger than the area affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Please pray for the many people whose lives are being turned upside-down by this storm.


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