Every life saturated and transformed by the hope of the gospel, beginning in South Carolina

3.6 Million

Last Sunday, 300,000 SC Baptist met for worship while over 3.6 million people were unengaged in any Christian church.  What if every SC Baptist took personal responsibility for 3 people far from God each year?  Every life in SC would be saturated with the Gospel by 2020.

The Evangelism Group exists to assist the church to multiply disciple makers by:

  • Prayer

    If every SC Baptist prayed for 3 neighbors far from God by name, lostness in SC would be saturated in prayer in 5 years.

  • Care

    If every SC Baptist cared for 2 new friends far from God, and every SCBC church connected with their local schools, our communities would be transformed.

  • Share

    If every SC Baptist shared the hope of the Gospel with 1 neighbor, coworker, or friend per year, our state would be saturated with the gospel in a decade.

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