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Bylaws of the
South Carolina Association of Church Weekday Administrators
Sponsored by the South Carolina Baptist Convention



1.1   The name of this organization shall be South Carolina Association of Church Weekday Administrators, also referred to as SCACWA.

1.2   The organization is budgeted and administrated through the Sunday School Department of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.



The purposes of this Association shall be:

2.1   To serve and to act on behalf of the needs, rights, and well being of all young children and their families.

2.2   To promote awareness of church weekday education as a ministry and outreach arm of the church.

2.3   To enhance the quality of church weekday programs for young children.

2.4   To encourage the professional and personal development of persons employed in church- related weekday programs by offering continuing training opportunities and spiritual enrichment.

2.5   To provide encouragement and fellowship for its members.

2.6   To encourage the blending of Church Weekday Education and other church functions/organizations.


Membership and Voting Privileges

3.1   The membership of this Association shall be open to all who administer a weekday program and would like to participate.

3.2   All members attending voting meetings are eligible to vote.



4.1   The officers shall be as follows: President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary and immediate Past President.  These officers shall serve as the Program Planning Committee with SCBC Weekday Associate.  The officers must be employed by a church which is in friendly cooperation with the South Carolina Baptist Convention.  If an officer ceases such employment, that officer shall submit a resignation effective as of the final date of employment.  The SCBC Weekday Associate will appoint a temporary replacement for the remainder of the term.

Election and Term of Office

4.2   The Nominating Committee shall present nominees to the members for each of the officer’s positions.  If possible, the nominee for the office of president shall be a person who is presently serving as an officer of the Association so that continuity can be maintained.

4.3   Officers shall be elected annually by its members during the regular meeting of the Association held at White Oak Conference Center.  Officers shall take office immediately following the annual meeting.  The term of office for the President, President-elect, and Vice president shall be one year.  The term of office for the Secretary shall not exceed three consecutive years.

4.4   A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification or otherwise shall be temporarily filled by SCBC Weekday Associate for the remainder of the term.


Duties of Officers

5.1   The President shall preside at all meetings of the members.  The President shall keep officers and area representatives informed about meetings and work closely with the state associate in the planning of the summer workshop.  The President shall perform any other duties that may arise during their tenure.

5.2   The President-elect shall perform the duties in the absence of the President and is responsible for working with the state associate for the following year’s workshop theme.  The President-elect shall work with the Vice President with information for the Can WEE Talk newsletter, and shall perform other duties as they arise. (may make them head of decorating committee)

5.3   The Vice President shall prepare and edit the Can WEE Talk newsletter and perform other duties as deemed necessary.

5.4   The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and is responsible for all correspondence that relates to the workshop/workgroups.  The Secretary shall generally perform all duties usually pertaining to the office of Secretary of an Association.

5.5   The immediate Past President shall serve in an advisory capacity.

5.6   All officers shall serve as the program planning committee.  They shall perform all duties usually pertaining to the work of a planning committee.



6.1   A Nominating Committee comprised of one member elected by members from each of the four regions of the state as defined by the SCBC shall nominate officers for the elections to be held at the annual meeting.



7.1   This Association shall have one regular meeting at the annual Church Weekday Workshop which is held during the summer.

7.2   At the annual meeting, members will be asked to volunteer for workgroups to help with the next year’s workshop.  These workgroups are as follows: Banner, Door Signs, Goodie Bags, Greeters, Notebooks, Prayer Cards, Registration, and Table Decorations.  A description of these workgroup duties is available upon request.


Parliamentary Authority

8.1   All meetings of the Association shall be conducted in a Christian spirit and in a democratic manner.  There shall be respect for the principle that, although the majority must rule, individual members have the right to be heard.  The presiding officers at any meeting may rely on the latest revised edition of Robert’s Rules of Order as an authority on parliamentary or procedural matters.



9.1   These bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting by a majority vote of those present.  All proposed changes in the bylaws must be submitted in writing to the officers two months prior to the annual meeting.  SCACWA members will be notified of proposed changes by mail from the Weekday Associate two weeks before the annual meeting.

Affirmed July 28, 2000


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