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Rebuild SC // Dec 9-14 or Dec 15-20

Why this trip?

In October, 2015, South Carolina was hit with a thousand year storm.  Many, many communities and homes were flooded and people’s lives were put in disarray.  SC BCMission teams responded in a big way to help – both in Disaster Relief and in the first steps of Rebuild SC, helping people to build back.  It’s been a year since the flood, but there are still many homes in our state that need repair.  That is why we are calling as many college students as possible to come and share a few days over Christmas break to share the love of Jesus in a tangible way by helping people rebuild and move forward with Hope.  What better time of the year than the Christmas season to share love and joy with people in practical ways!

What will we do?

Probably some roofing work on one story, low pitched roofs; some work on decks or walkways; some roofing work; some clean up in yards; some roofing work; playing with some kids; some roofing work.  Experienced folks from our Disaster Rebuild work will be there to help with the projects, so don’t be afraid of not having the skills.  They just need folks that are willing to work hard and love on people (of course if you have construction skills, you’ll be a great asset to the effort!).

Where will we stay?

A few churches have opened up their facilities for use for this project.  We’ll be sleeping on gym floors (so air mattresses or cots are the way to go), we’ll have showers provided and a team will be making hot meals for us.  It won’t be like staying in a 5 star hotel, but we’ll have a lot of fun being together and having our needs met as we serve.  Most of the teams will be staying in the little town of Johnsonville and working in that region of the state.

What’s the cost?

Can you believe this?  The cost for the whole experience is $20.  Because of gracious gifts to our RebuildSC effort, we are able to provide it as a low cost.  You’ll pay that fee directly to your local BCM or church.  Transportation to and from the site is at the expense of the group and/or individual.

What are the dates?

There are two times to serve:  Dec. 9-14 and Dec. 15-20, 2016.  Check with your BCM Director or collegiate minister to see which of the dates your group is looking to serve.

What is the deadline to sign-up?

All registrations must by in by November 15, 2016.  This will help us in preparing for the right amount of work as well as planning for the meals.


Love Goes Info

Want to give your summer break to the glory of God? Ready to step out in faith and to trust Jesus to do big things with your witness? Then BCMissions 2017 is for you. BCMissions is filled with diverse opportunities for college students to serve with Jesus here, there, and everywhere.

As you read through the 2017 positions, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Ask God to open your eyes, ears, and heart to where He wants to send you.
  2. Look honestly at your gifts, experiences, and passions. Check to see if your passions line up with any of the mission descriptions in this booklet. Ask God to soften your heart and to send you where He knows is best for you – wherever that might be!
  3. Review the qualifications and procedures on the website. Work with your BCM Director or pastor to pray through your decision. Look over the position descriptions and follow the instructions to apply. 


Early Application Deadline for International Positions: November 18, 2016

Early Application Mission Discovery Days: December 1-2, 2016

Final Application Deadline for All Positions: February 10, 2017

Mission Discovery Day: February 18, 2017

Commissioning & Orientation: April 1-2, 2017

To Apply for a BCMissions Project

  1. List the project number (IE, SCBCM1) under the section “where do you want to go?”
  2. Be prepared with your church and pastor’s name and contact information.
    • Contact information needed: Name, Address, Home Phone, and E-mail
  3. Have contact information on 4 references including your collegiate minister.
    • Contact information needed: Name, Address, Home Phone, and E-mail
  4. IMPORTANT: Select “South Carolina Baptist Convention” as your sending agency.

Please be sure that you have read all instructions on how to apply for a BCMissions project!

Early Application Deadline for International Positions:  Students interested in serving on an international mission position (positions SCBCM10 – SCBCM19) can apply earlier and be interviewed on one of the December Mission Discovery Days.  Doing so will give you the top consideration for these trips and it will allow you to know about a potential placement before Christmas, giving more time to prepare and to raise money for the experience.  Students will still be able to apply for any open international positions prior to the Final Application Deadline on February 10, 2017.


Mission Discovery Days:  These are opportunities for you to share directly with BCM staff and mission leaders about yourself, your testimony, your desire to serve in missions and your preferences for mission positions.  You’ll also be able to ask questions and hear more about the BCMissions Experience.  The December Mission Discovery Days will involve a scheduled on-line video meeting with some of our BCMissions team (all you’ll need is access to a computer with video camera, microphone and good internet connection).  Those submitting applications by the early deadline  on November 18 will be given a scheduled time for the on-line meeting on either December 1 or 2.  The Mission Discovery Day in March will be held at the USC BCM ministry center in Columbia from 10 am to 4 pm and all applicants submitting their applications between November 19 and February 10 must attend this gathering.

SCBCM1 - Connie Maxwell Children’s Home // Greenwood, SC // May 31 - August 3

Connie Maxwell provides a home for children and youth who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected, as well as some who have been placed by loving caregivers going through difficult situations. BCMissionaries serve alongside staff with the campus church and activities department all summer – working directly with the children by leading Bible studies, teaching Sunday School and Children’s church and fun activities as well as helping with trips and camp experiences. You’ll build personal relationships with the students of the children’s home and share your faith consistently as you love others and share the good news of Jesus with them.

2 Females

Cost: Travel, Lodging, Meals provided plus additional $200 honorarium.

Connie Maxwell Children's Home
SCBCM2 - Impact Ministries // Myrtle Beach, SC // May 20 - July 30

Impact Ministries invites you to come help as a summer missionary to share the message of Christ along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach. Students will spend time each week at the same location all summer facilitating a day camp led by a different mission team each week.  This will provide students an opportunity to invest in the youth as well as develop relationships with the children attending the day camps all summer.  Students will also be partnered with the same mission team each week leading in block parties, nursing home ministries, face painting and balloon ministries, and performance ministries.  The students will assist in leading worship each day for the visiting youth mission teams. Students will also partner with Seacoast Vineyard Church at All Nations Cafe to build relationships and minister to 5,000 international exchange students that work in Myrtle Beach, SC. IMPACT is searching for students who have a heart to serve all ages and in leading worship, editing video, teaching children, evangelism, and flexibility.

4 Students

Cost: Travel, Lodging, Meals provided plus additional $200 honorarium.

SCBCM3 - Camp Baldwin Summer Staff // Fairbanks, Alaska // June 1 - August 1

Serve as a summer camp counselor in a rural setting in Alaska. You may be chopping wood, leading Bible studies, organizing skits, sharing your faith, playing games or encouraging kids that need a role model. You and the other college students will disciple and lead youth and children at Camp Baldwin, sponsored by Baptist churches with VBS and outreach in the local community. Join the adventure – share Jesus with an awesome team and connect kids and youth to the good news of Jesus.

2 Males/2 Females

Cost: Travel, Lodging, Meals provided plus additional $200 honorarium.

SCBCM4 - Rock Ministries Innovators // Orlando, Florida // May 26 - August 2

Orlando is the number one tourist destination with 66 million visitors a year. You can encounter the whole world in one place. By working at Fun Spot (a local theme park), you will get the chance to touch both visitors and local employees. You will get a full work schedule of 35-40 hours a week with pay – yes, that is right, you’ll keep the money you earn in that job as an innovator. Your mission will be to intentionally build relationships with coworkers to share the gospel. You will also get to share the love of Christ with kids from all over the world by leading Kids Clubs at a hotel pool. In addition, you will also participate in different mission opportunities (such as face painting, vendor visitation, prayer walking, and serving in local churches). You will learn to live out your faith as a lifestyle evangelist.

2 Students – One must be able to take vehicle for the summer.

Cost: $200 will need to be raised prior to service for room and board, but you will earn approximately $350 a week at your job. Travel provided.

SCBCM5 - Amazing Northern Camping Experience // Ontario, Canada // May 30 - August 5

Camp ABK and Coldwater Canada are two amazing Christian Camps that reach out to evangelize, disciple, and release children and youth in Jesus name. If you are adventurous, love a challenge, and enjoy sharing God’s amazing love and His creation with children and youth, we can offer a summer like no other. You will learn, lead, and grow as you give yourself away to build God’s kingdom here in Northern Ontario. You will serve on staff at these camps as they share Jesus with young people in one of God’s most beautiful places on the earth.  Come to the Great White North; come make a difference!

4 Students

Cost: Travel, Lodging, Meals provided plus additional $200 honorarium.

SCBCM6 - Children’s Teacher // Tahoe City, California // June 6 - August 5

Come to a place where 80% of the people do not know Jesus and help children hear about Jesus in a well-established children’s ministry. BCMissionaries will serve along with other female college students in teaching 3-12 year olds in a full day summer day camp. You must love children. You’ll be well-trained and you’ll discover the high value of giving yourself away for the high glory of God. Perfect assignment for early childhood education majors.

2 Females

Cost: Travel, Lodging, Meals provided plus additional $200 honorarium.

SCBCM7 - MissionOne8 Intern // Atlanta, Georgia // May 30 - July 31

Refugees from countries that have been torn by war, genocide, torture and severe human rights violations come to the Clarkston area of Atlanta, GA. Burma, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iraq are just a few of the countries represented there. Our ministry focus is to be God’s hands and leave His print on the lives of God’s precious children He has been sending to us. BCMissionaries will coordinate weekly mission teams, help plan two community events, prepare and deliver care packages to women/home visits, help with minor administrative services and meet and share faith with people from around the world.

2 Females

Cost: Travel, Lodging, Meals provided plus additional $200 honorarium.

SCBCM8 - UW Sports // Various Sites across the US // June 2 - July 28

Train in Oklahoma with a large group of interns then launch out with a team of 5 “coaches” to lead sports ministries all across the nation! You’ll lead two evangelistic sports teams each week for 6 weeks. You’ll coach sports – experience in soccer, basketball, cheerleading, flag football or physical education for children are really helpful – and you’ll teach God’s word and lead in high energy, fun worship each day. This is an amazing ministry to utilize sports as a tool to share the gospel with kids around the United States.

3 Students

Cost: $250 will need to be raised prior to service, but you will earn approximately $150-$175 a week with the sports camp. Travel, lodging, and are meals provided.

SCBCM9 - Alaska Missions Innovator // Anchorage, Alaska // June 1 - August 5

Work in one of several Alaskan resorts – being a Christian light and influence to college students and others with whom you’ll work. You’ll earn money through your job but more than that you’ll have an opportunity to be a part of a team of innovators and summer missionaries who are growing in discipleship and living out ministry in the community. Alaska is a rugged state, so be prepared for outdoor work and get ready to exhaust yourself for the gospel. You’ll also help summer missionaries with Alaska Missions projects in your off time as well.  Adventure awaits – are you up for the challenge?

3 Students

Cost: Round trip travel is provided. $250 will need to be raised prior to service but you will earn approximately $400 per week. You will need to provide expenses for food.

SCBCM10 - Cultural Exchange Adventure // North Africa & Middle East // June 1 - July 23

Come spend the summer in one of the busiest cities on earth! You’ll begin and end your summer in Germany, as you train and debrief with fellow workers headed to the NAME region. In our Middle Eastern mega city, your weeks will be full of sessions about the local culture/history/religion, basic Arabic lessons with a local helper, and time spent volunteering your gifts to serve locals. You’ll also spend lots of time interacting with local college students. Since you’ll be here during Ramadan, you will break fast with friends you make and have amazing opportunities to share truth. Your coming will encourage long-term workers and strengthen their presence in the country. Join us in our city, and you will experience things that you can experience nowhere else. You’ll plant seeds that we pray will bear fruit for eternity!

2 Males/2 Females

Cost: $3,375 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of the flight when booked.

SCBCM11 - Multiply Disciples // South Asia // May 25 - July 26

Every day, more than 1,100 people in this state die without Christ – that’s 46 every hour. What’s worse, most of them have never had the opportunity to respond to the gospel. Literally millions have gone untouched by the gospel. We know that God is preparing a harvest in here, but the workers are so few. Will you come and stand beside your South Asian brothers and sisters, modeling for them how to be bold witnesses of Christ? Will you come meet and witness to college students, young adults and others who have never heard the gospel before?

4 Students

Cost: $3,375 **

*This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of the flight when booked.

SCBCM12 - Refugee Volunteer // North Africa // June 1 - August 4

You will be trained in T4T discipleship process & evangelism techniques that have proven fruitful. You will be working on the ground at least 3-4 days a week in a refugee camp, helping train people in WASH and how to use solar cookers…as well as training believers in evangelism & discipleship so they can train others. You will be collecting research on the various people groups within the camp. You will be a church planter! You will test & try things to see what works & give local workers feedback on what you find fruitful & reproducing and what is not so that we can “tweak” it as we go along. *This is a Nehemiah Team Project.

1 Male/1 Female

Cost: $2,700 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of the flight when booked.

SCBCM13 - Mountain Harvesters // Philippines // June 1 - August 4

Travel by jeepney and motorcycle into remote villages to share your life and His story. Do you love basketball or soccer? You’ll have a lot of opportunities to use these sports to make friendships and share the gospel. They are ready. Are you?? In partnership with national partners, continue to push into areas where the church doesn’t exist yet. Encourage local believers by joining their harvest force…going from village to village, sharing the greatest story ever told. *This is a Nehemiah Team Project.

2 Males

Cost: $2,250 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of the flight when booked.

SCBCM14 - Oaxaca English Teaching Team // Mexico // June 1 - July 25

Can you speak English? Do you have a desire to make disciples? Come join a team of missionaries in southern Mexico who are committed to bringing Light to Dark places. You’ll teach English, learn some Spanish, explore an ancient culture, eat some amazing food and LIVE the gospel. Your journey will be challenging but will impact eternity. (This position is limited to members of Southern Baptist churches).

2 Students

Cost: $2,625 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of the flight when booked.

SCBCM15 - Hope and Healing // Kenya // June 1 - August 4

Nursing/pre-med students who love working with kids needed to partner with mobile medical clinics in rural Kenya.  Students will assist with medical teams that are involved in church planting. Each project will have a children’s element at the school closest to the clinic site. Your team will also be helping with local feeding programs, building churches & volunteering at orphanages. *This is a Nehemiah Team Project.

2 Males/2 Females

Cost: $2,550 **

**This project includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of flight when booked.

SCBCM16 - Italian Summer Outreach // Italy // June 7 - July 19

University students will work in teams with evangelical churches in a specific city in Italy to build relationships and share the gospel. In spite of its relevance in Christian history, Italy is spiritually dark – fewer than 1% have a personal relationship with Christ. Come and use your love for God, your love for people and your interest in Italian culture to help churches make an impact for Jesus.

2 Students

Cost: $2,775 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of the flight when booked.

SCBCM17 - Acts 1:8 Team // May 16 - July 23

Experience Acts 1:8 missions by serving here, there and everywhere in one summer.  You’ll begin the summer being trained in missional living, disciplemaking and evangelism by a team of missions leaders. Then, you’ll spend four weeks in a major city in Southeast Asia connecting with a team that is engaging college students with relational evangelism.  After coming back to the states for a brief break and debrief, your team will go to New England to work alongside church planters, serving with them to reach their communities for Christ. The summer will end with 10 days of ministry in SC, bringing the mission spirit back to a strategic site in our home state.

6 Students

Cost: $2,625 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of flight when booked.

SCBCM18 - Bridge the Globe // North Africa // Short-Term // May 12-20

Come and share in a cross-cultural experience with a divine purpose. You will have opportunities to connect with English-speaking students. Get a taste of the area’s ancient history with a visit to the pyramids, cruise on the Nile and study the language, culture and traditions. Join with long-term workers in sharing life and faith with people in this ancient country.

8 Students

Cost: $1,250 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of flight when booked.

SCBCM19 - University and Community Outreach // Ottawa, Canada // Short Term // May 6-13

Partnering with Celebration! Church and campus organizations, our focus will be students on the University of Ottawa campus. American students will develop relationships with Canadian and international students through spiritual conversations. We’ll also look to involve ourselves in community projects inviting students to work along with us. Students will hear the gospel but also see the gospel lived out creating opportunities to share further.

8 Students

Cost: $750 **

**This price includes insurance, flight, housing and food. The actual cost may vary depending on the cost of flight when booked.

*With Nehemiah Team Projects, your first stop will be a joint orientation in the US with other Nehemiah teams. Learning the skills needed to carry out your assignment as well as team building will fill these first few days. Then your team will head overseas to your final destination. Following your ministry time you will return to the US for a joint debrief, sharing all God has done over the summer.

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