Stage decor for Agency D3Investigating VBS 2014

Associational VBS teams from around the state gathered for the State VBS Clinic at Spring Valley Baptist Church on February 15 to begin investigating this year's Vacation Bible School. The clinic focused on preparing leaders to use LifeWay's 2014 VBS materials, Agency D3: Discover, Decide, Defend, based on an investigative agency theme.

"A lot of leaders are very excited about this extremely evangelistic VBS, and kids will be drawn in by the theme, which is sort of a hybrid of CSI and secret agents," explained Sue Harmon, associate director of the state convention's Childhood Ministry Group. "The Agency D3 Bible studies will lead people to discover who Jesus is, decide to believe in Him, and be able to defend, or give reasons for, their faith."

Leaders attending the State Clinic experienced worship in the "agency headquarters" and then attended classes for the specific part of VBS they will teach. The classes were led by experienced VBS trainers from around the state: Preschool - Lynn Wells of Shiloh Baptist Church in Aiken, Children - Ben Furr of Chesterfield Baptist Association in Pageland, Youth/Adult - Steven Ruff of Port Royal Baptist Church, Missions - Annie Ruth Yelton of Simpsonville First Baptist, Music - Jeremy and Cindy Hansard of Trinity Baptist  in Cayce, Crafts - Lisa Sherrill of Taylors First Baptist, and Administrative Leaders - Tommy Comer of Gaffney First Baptist.

Those that attended the State VBS Clinc will teach in local VBS clinics that will be held in their associations in the coming months. To find a clinic near you, click HERE or contact your local association.

 Leader for the Administrative class
Tommy Comer led the class for Directors.

leader in VBS Crafts class Lisa Sherrill led the Crafts class.

 Leader in the Preschool class
Lynn Wells taught the class for Preschool leaders.

Music class participants 
Cindy & Jeremy Hansard with participants in the Music class.

 Leader of Children's class
Ben Furr led the class for Children's Bible Study leaders.

Attendees in the Children's VBS leaders class 
Participants in the Children's class

 Leader singing VBS theme song
Worship Rally

x-ray security machine made from cardboard boxes 
Simple props from cardboard boxes & tubes!

Leader for the missions class
Annie Ruth Yelton led the Missions class. 

 Attendees in the Missions class
Missions class participants

State VBS Clinic faculty
Leaders that taught in the State VBS Clinic

Team from Santee Assoc. at the State VBS Clinic
Santee Assoc. VBS team members
Rocket Pack Jack guards the Agency D3 elevator doors at State VBS Clinic 
"RocketPack Jack" guards the elevator door to Agency D3!
 Aiken Assoc. VBS team at the State VBS Clinic
Aiken Assoc. VBS team members
 Team from Orangeburg-Calhoun Assoc. at State VBS Clinic
Orangeburg-Calhoun Assoc. VBS team members
 Chesterfield Assoc. team at the State VBS Clinic
Chesterfield Assoc. VBS team members