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Articles of Incorporation - Articles of Incorporation - Part OneArticles of Incorporation - Part Two

Church Bulding On-Site Consultation - Form

Compensation Survey for church employees - Request Form

Financial Policy and Procedure Guide

Church Budget and Finances - Church Budget Preparation: Part OneChurch Budget Preparation Part Two  
Church By Laws -  Church Bylaws - Part AChurch Bylaws - Part B
Church Conflict - Church Conflict - Part OneChurch Conflict - Part Two

Church Discipline -  Church Discipline – Part OneChurch Discipline - Part Two

Church Officers - Church Officers - Part AChurch Officers - Part B 

Church Policies & Procedures - Church Policies and Procedures - Part A  ; Church Policies and Procedures - Part B 
Deacons - Deacon Boards - Part A Deacon Boards - Part B
Staff Evaluation - Evaluation - PastorEvaluation - Staff
Wages - Fair Wage - Part OneFair Wage - Part TwoFair Wage - Part Three
Job Descriptions - Job Description for Assistant/Associate PastorJob Description for Financial Assistant/Financial SecretaryJob Description for Minister of  Youth/StudentsJob Description for PastorJob Description for Ministry Assistant/Secretary

Service Descriptions - Service Description for Church ClerkService Description for Church ModeratorService Description for Church TreasurerService Description for Deacon ChairmanSocial Security Statement ChangeThe Church as an Employer for Church StaffThe Church Treasurer
     Avoiding Forced:Termination
     Is Your Church Incorporated? 
     The Process of Incorporating a Church
     Church Budget and Finance Articles   
     Church Conflict - No Yoke!
     Church Facilities Articles  
     Church Policies and Legal Matters Articles
     Church Staff and Job Description Articles
     Social Security Administration Change
     Churches Required to Comply with SC Illegal Immigration and Reform Act
     Church Economic Issues
     Church Incorporation
     Contents of a Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual
     Employee and Volunteer Background Screening
     Church Membership Is...
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