BCMissionary Update 3: South Asia

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Our student missionaries served in a major South Asian city alongside believers to strengthen their ministry and give them tools to better share their story and His story. They also consistently went out into the community seeking ‘people of peace’ to create relationships with and would then share the good news while walking through daily life with them.

“We shared our story of how the Gospel transformed our lives and what God has done through Christ. We also were invited into several family homes where we were able to meet the whole family, dine with them, and live out Luke 10 in a real-world setting,” one student writes.

Another student was encouraged by discipling other believers.

“People who have followed Jesus for nearly their whole life learned that the faith is something that Jesus commands us to share. Every time we talk to our friends here now, they tell us a new story about who they got the opportunity to share with.”

When asked what their favorite part of the summer had been, our students replied,

“Seeing the Spirit completely change someone’s attitude.”

“I had the opportunity to share with people here that have never heard of it before, so I got to be the one sharing the ultimate truth with them…I am also very thankful for the personal growth that I have experienced as a result of this trip and excited for all that holds.”

“Seeing someone hear the son’s name for the first time ever and being able to be the ones to first tell them about Him was so awesome.”

Our BCMissionaries have learned a great deal about the Savior and what His truth means for their lives.

“The kingdom is a cross-cultural one. I am excited to go into vocational ministry full time when I get back. I’d like to go overseas again soon. He has shown me that He is my treasure.”

“God has allowed me to see how large He is and how small I am and I can see myself doing full time [missions].”

“I have come to realize more and more that He has a much better plan for me than I could ever come up with. He has taught me a lot about how I can use what I have learned here for life back at home and school.”

“My faith in Him has definitely increased. I am [emboldened] to talk to people about what I believe and also to hear what they have to say. Still don’t know what He has in store for me, but I am always working for His kingdom no matter where I am.” 

Thank you for praying for our student missionaries in South Asia!

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