BCMissionary Update 3: New Orleans

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“I spent a lot of time with the women learning their stories and how far they’ve come,” one of our students writes.

Our missionaries in New Orleans worked with homeless, underprivileged, and trafficked women and children, ministering to them, helping sort donations, teaching GED with one woman, cleaning, giving out snack packs and hygiene kits, organizing the building, leading bible studies, and just listening to anyone who felt the need to talk.

Both of our students talk about how impactful this summer has been on their personal relationship with Jesus.

“This summer has given me a love and respect for inner-city missions…It has been an awesome reminder that my God is still in the business of miracles and major life changes,”

“This summer has shown me that God has a plan for me….even if I don’t understand it right now, God has a purpose for the long term.”

Thank you for praying for our students serving in New Orleans!

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