BCMissionary Update 2: Philippines

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Our two BCMissionaries serving in the Philippines ask for your prayers over two others on their team who are suffering from illnesses, for their ministry there to keep growing, and for people’s hearts to be opened. They also ask for your prayers that the people there would be willing to listen to what the Lord has to say.

One student writes,

“I realized that I have a huge heart for missions and that this is something that I want to do for life because the Lord placed this on my heart.”

Our other student missionary expresses excitement about becoming more confident in sharing the hope of the gospel with others and that people beginning to respond.

“We have all watched each other grow in the Lord in different ways. It has been great to watch. We all have more of a desire for and comfort in sharing,” a student said.

Some significant instances have revealed the power of prayer and the strength that the Lord provides to our students.

“We’d pray and then we’d walk a little bit through the village and then we would find someone to either evangelize to or have a Bible study with,” our missionary said.

According to our students, great personal growth has also taken place during the trip.

“I find myself wanting to get into the Word and learn more about the Lord daily. I feel my strength building and His spirit increasing in me when I share about His love and share stories about Him,” said one of our BCMissionaries.

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