BCMissionary Update 2: Baptist Friendship House, New Orleans

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Our two BCM students serving in New Orleans ask that you pray for them to be good teachers to a lady that is studying for her GED, for Baptist Friendship House to be able to clean out rooms to house more women and children, that they will be sensitive to God’s voice, calling, and will, that one of the ladies who recently transitioned out of BFH will not lapse back into her addictions, and for a continuously increasing awareness of the issue human trafficking.

“Pray that we will be able to meet the needs of the people in the city and that by meeting their physical/emotional needs we will have opportunities to meet spiritual needs,” one student said.

Our students said they are enjoying teaching GED classes, learning the background of the people they meet, and hearing about miraculous redemption stories.

“This trip has given me an awareness of all the evil in the world, but it has also reminded me that my God is still bigger and that He still does miracles,” our student said.

They have been learning the importance of being able to adapt when things don’t go as planned, more about who God is, and that God has the best plan in mind for them.

“I have seen God immediately and obviously answer prayers that I and my team have prayed for. God has used me on multiple occasions to just sit and listen to someone who really needed to feel like someone cared,” our BCMissionary said.

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