August 7th: Eliza Korn*, Central Asia

 In Missionary Moments

During a recent New Year’s celebration, Eliza Korn* and her team were assigned a kind and gentle helper named Mehmet.* He did his best to explain certain traditions and activities and escorted them to a local restaurant for lunch. Traditionally, the eldest at the table offers a hastily mumbled “prayer” at the end of the meal. Instead, Mehmet asked Eliza to pray. She thanked the Lord for their time together and asked that Mehmet would come to believe in Him. Mehmet said that no one had ever prayed for him before.

That one, simple prayer had an impact on Mehmet. And it was made possible because our church supports Eliza through our Cooperative Program giving. Let’s join together to pray for Eliza’s ministry among Central Asians. And that Mehmet, and others, would come to know Christ.

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