August 21st: Timothy*, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

 In Missionary Moments

Timothy* is a third-generation missionary and alumnus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Several years after graduating from Southern, Timothy was appointed by the International Mission Board to a spiritually dry region of Africa where he was used to spark a genuine revival. By mobilizing new converts to share the Gospel, Timothy has established a discipleship model for the tens of thousands of Christians who have come to faith and started churches through his ministry.

“The sanctifying empowerment of the Holy Spirit in every believer is an unstoppable force. It’s more powerful than anything else,” Timothy said. “We can expect that when we ask people to do something directly from the Word of God, that God himself will empower them to accomplish everything he has set out for them to do.”

Our church helped Timothy train for missionary service at Southern, because our Cooperative Program giving supports the school, keeping student costs low. And our church has enabled Timothy, his wife and their four children, ages six to 17, to serve in Africa for almost 10 years.

We thank God for what He has accomplished through his servant, Timothy. And we thank God that we have had a part in that success, through the Cooperative Program.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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