ALERT for Response to Mid-West Flooding

 In Disaster Relief

Updated May 11, 2017: There is an URGENT, IMMEDIATE need for mud-out units in Arkansas. South Carolina DR  mud-out units, including chaplains and assessors, are on ALERT for deployment to Arkansas or Missouri.  The situation is still developing in Missouri, which looks to be an even larger response.

ALERT means that we are definitely needed and units should pull together volunteers and prepare to deploy as scheduled. This is also known as an active CALL-OUT.

Due to the distance, units should be prepared to spend at least seven (7) days away from home. The response will likely continue into mid-June. Exact deployment locations will be determined as the waters recede.

Volunteers who are trained in mud-out, assessment, or chaplaincy are urged to check in with unit leaders regarding your availability to serve. As of this date, three (3) SCDR units are making plans to deploy in late May or early June. If your unit is not going but you are available to join in with one of these, contact the SCDR office.

Unit Leaders, please contact the state DR office about scheduling your unit for deployment. Each unit MUST have one or more assessors and one or more chaplains.

All are urged to pray for the residents in the flooded areas, for the leaders making plans for the disaster response, and for those who will serve the Lord by ministering in this response.

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