Missions Contributions

The Accounting Group can assist your staff with questions regarding the contributions your church makes to the SC Baptist Convention. This includes questions you may have concerning the giving statements you receive from us and the amounts reported in the Year to Date Missions Contributions Report. A report of church contributions is mailed to each church treasurer after the close of each calendar quarter and a report is mailed to the pastor after the close of the calendar year.

Non-profit Tax Exempt Status

The Accounting Group can also provide your church with a 501(c)(3) letter. This letter can be used to prove your non-profit tax exempt status with the IRS. Your eligibility is based on your church’s giving to the work of the SC Baptist Convention, through the Cooperative Program, during the previous calendar year. Please note that churches are not exempt from paying Sales and Use Tax in South Carolina.

Church Name Change

Has your church recently changed its name or merged with another church?  In order for us to change the name in our database, you need to change the church’s legal name with the IRS.

The ministries of the SC Baptist Convention take place as a direct result of your giving to the Cooperative Program and other designated offerings. The Accounting Group ensures your contributions are distributed as you direct.

Ways to Contribute:

1. Online – Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or eChecks

Please consider using this method in lieu of mailing checks or using your bank’s online bill pay.  When you use your bank’s online bill pay, your bank mails a paper check to us. Giving online will ensure timely receipt and accurate posting to your account.

2. By Mail –To ensure your contributions are posted correctly the following instructions are helpful:

  • Always use a remittance form (½ sheet, no staples please).
  • Mail to the PO Box address at the top of the form
  • Make check or checks payable to the SC Baptist Convention
  • Space in the middle is used for designated gifts (i.e., Connie Maxwell / World Hunger / Ministries for the Aging, etc.)
  • Multiple entries on one form – may use one or more checks – total checks should equal total on form
  • Envelope – write your church’s 7 numeric digit SBC ID# on the outside of the envelope

3. Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay– To ensure your contributions are posted correctly the following instructions are helpful:

  • Account field – enter your church’s 7 numeric digit SBC ID#
  • Memo field – enter how you want your funds designated

Still need help?

  • Tracie Blackwell
    Tracie Blackwell Accounting Assistant