5 Ways Joining South Carolina Missionaries Will Benefit Your Church

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Tim Rice

Tim Rice works for the SC Baptist Convention as Director of the Missions Mobilization Group. Tim earned his Masters of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and his BA in Church Music from Charleston Southern University. Tim enjoys running, hiking and traveling with his wife Maggie. 

5 Ways Joining South Carolina Missionaries Will Benefit Your Church 

  1. You will know how to pray specifically for the needs of our missionaries.
  2. You will get to know our SC missionaries by receiving their newsletters.
  3. You will learn how your missions offerings are being used to share the Gospel and plant churches around the world.
  4. Your church will discover ways they can personally be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  5. Through regular communication you can schedule missionaries to visit and share in your church services.

How You Can Connect with Missionaries Worldwide Right Here, Right Now

More than 200 missionaries with the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board have ties to South Carolina. The South Carolina Baptist Convention invites every church to pray regularly for SC missionaries and establish partnership with them worldwide.

We are connected with missionaries in Salt Lake City, Detroit, New York City, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Alaska, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Canada. Through the International Mission Board we are connected with missionaries in every part of the world.

When you read about the refugee crisis in the Middle East or virus outbreaks in West Africa, our IMB personnel are there helping relieve hunger and offering assistance in Jesus’ name. Our personnel are working in the largest cities in the world like Delhi, India and London, England and in the most remote jungles and desserts around the world in places like Indonesia, China and Morocco.

Through the Send City strategy of the North American Mission Board, your church can become involved in church planting. Catch the Vision tours provide opportunities for your church to meet church planters and learn about mission opportunities. These tours are taking place all throughout the year. Many missionaries from South Carolina are working in these same cities and would welcome a visit from your pastor or church mission team. These are just some of the many ways you can get connected with missionaries.

Because of security issues, we do not share personal information about International Missionaries with our churches. However, you can get connected by contacting the South Carolina Baptist Convention or the Woman’s Missionary Union. We will share your contact information with one of our missionaries, and they will contact you via e-mail. If possible, please have your church designate one person as the leader to communicate with mission personnel.

Our missionaries need your support and prayer. Get connected today!

To Get Connected and Pray for SC Missionaries
Contact SC WMU by phone or e-mail.
www.scwmu.org e-mail: wmu@scbaptist.org, Phone (803) 227-6205

To Partner with SC Missionaries
The Missions Mobilization Group can help your church begin a partnership with a SC Missionary. Contact Sandy Bezjak at (803) 227-6064 or e-mail: sandybezjak@scbaptist.org

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